Aşınmaya dayanıklı endüstride beyaz erimiş alüminanın kullanımı

Aşınmaya dayanıklı endüstride beyaz erimiş alüminanın kullanımı

The usage of white fused alumina in the wear-resistant industry

White fused alumina is one of the most important grinding and wear-resistant materials in industry. It combines good wear resistance, self sharpening, and toughness. White fused alumina is a type of artificial aluminum oxide. It has a higher hardness, chemical inertness, and better refractory properties after high-temperature treatment and cooling. In the wear-resistant and anti-slip industry, the use of white fused alumina is also very extensive. The main application scenarios are as follows:

1. Wear resistant floor coating.

The particle size of white fused alumina grain 180 # -280 # powder is 50-70um, which is suitable for adding to water-based epoxy floor coatings to increase the wear resistance, slip resistance, and durability of the floor.

2. Wooden light fixed coating.

The particle size of white fused aluminum oxide 1500 # -2000 # micro powder is 8-15um, suitable for UV curing coatings and wood coatings. It will not affect the transparency of the coating. In the mean time, it can also improve the wear and scratch resistance of the coating.

3. Brake wear-resistant materials.

White aluminum oxide 80 # -120 # is used as a material for high-speed rail braking and motor vehicle braking. It can improve the wear resistance of braking products. Also, white corundum power can withstand the high temperature environment caused by the braking process.

4. Adding materials for building materials and ceramic tiles.

The particle size of WFA ultrafine powder from 8000 # to 10000 # is 1-2um, which can provide anti slip effect as a ceramic or ceramic tile glaze. White fused alumina 220 # -280 # particles with coarser particles can be used as anti slip agents for ceramic tiles.

5. Wear resistant aggregate for fiberglass products.

The particle size of white fused alumina 16 # is about 1.2mm, which is suitable for the surface wear-resistant layer of fiberglass wear-resistant barriers. Not only can it improve the anti slip and wear resistance of fiberglass, but it can also resist the corrosion of pollutants and extend the service life of the product.

6. Wear resistant agent for dazzling glass.

White fused aluminum oxide 600 # has a particle size of about 25-28um, added to colorful glass to make craft exhibition products. Its function is to resist scratches and scratches, and improve its resistance to outdoor environments.

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